Wireless Internet Speeds

With a wireless router, you can turn your home into a hotspot

Connect mobile devices to your home Internet network

Whether you connect with cable, DSL, fiber or satellite, one device likely isn’t enough. Broadcast your Internet signal throughout your home for even more options. Users in your family can log in to your wireless Internet connection from anywhere in the house.

What can you connect to a single wireless signal?

  • Gaming systems
  • HDTVs
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

The more devices you connect, the higher speed tier you’ll need from your provider. Share files, folder, printers, scanners and more on your home network.

How can you get the most out of your connection for the fastest wireless Internet speed possible? Speed tiers, hardware and configuration can factor into what determines the fastest wireless Internet. Network security becomes crucial. It’s key to performance for your devices, but also to protect to personal data.

Common wireless Internet speeds

Here’s how long some of your favorite activities will take with different speeds.

3 Mbps 5 Mbps 10 Mbps 15 Mbps
How long will it take to open up Facebook? 2 sec 1 sec < 1 sec < 1 sec
How fast can I upload a photo to Instagram? 20 sec 12 sec 6 sec 3 sec
Can I stream music on Spotify without skipping? yes yes yes yes
Can I stream a Netflix movie without buffering? SD quality HD quality HD quality HD quality

How can I maximize my wireless Internet speed?

A few adjustments can produce greater coverage and speed on your network.

Location, location, location

Routers broadcast in all directions, especially horizontally, laterally and downward as they move away. Choose the coaxial jack nearest the center of your home. The top floor usually works best. A shelf is preferable the floor or a closet.


Does your signal die? Have you noticed more buffering on devices as you stream music and movies? It might be time for a router upgrade. A dual-band router can handle the demands of simultaneous web use. Dual-band routers operate on a less congested bandwidth, which also improves your signal.

Check the neighborhood

Your router’s neighborhood, that is. Metal tables and walls disrupt a wireless signal. Wood isn’t a problem. Baby monitors, cordless phones and microwave ovens can jam your router’s frequency. Moving these items can help you increase your wireless Internet speed.

Wi-Fi Extender

Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters increase the reach for your wireless signal. It receives the signal the way a device would on the network, and boosts it to more rooms of the house. Extenders can double your signal reach, even to patios and other areas outside your home.

How can I keep my wireless network secure?

Can I bundle wireless Internet with other home services?


Cable, DSL, fiber and satellite providers often offer Double Play bundles that include TV. Some networks integrate Internet and TV for upgraded features. These include apps for TV viewing away from home on enabled devices.

Home phone

Cable, DSL, fiber and satellite providers often offer Double Play bundles with home phone. Some are on a digital network, and offer solid network reliability. Bundle Internet, TV and home phone for a Triple Play. These often are the most cost-efficient bundle options.