Wireless Internet Equipment

Modems, routers, hotspots and more.

Choosing Wireless Equipment

USB Sticks

A wireless modem allows for a broad range of Internet access. There are a variety of types of wireless modems for home and office use. A USB stick is one of the most common. These kinds of modems are used to connect a laptop to the Internet via a USB-shaped flash drive device.


Cards are a type of wireless modem connection that can be used with a laptop, computer or wireless router. These are one of the earliest versions of wireless modem devices and are easy to use and install.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Always on the go? Wi-Fi hotspots are great for people who travel or work in different locations. These tiny portable devices receive a wireless broadband network and transmit the signal so you can connect on your laptop, PC and smartphone. This is a product of choice for those who move around but need constant connection to the Internet.

Wireless Router

A wireless router works with a modem to allow multiple devices to connect to the Internet. A wireless router does not require a cable to send a signal, but rather relies on wireless broadband signals to connect devices.

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