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Wireless Internet Service

Why It's Important

Experts predict that mobile data traffic will nearly double in size by 2020. Which means an effective and reliable Wi-Fi Internet connection will become increasingly more important in our interconnected world. Along with that, the need for effective sources of wireless Internet connectivity is important for individuals, as well as companies looking to become more cloud-friendly and mobile.

Why wait?

There’s tons of information out there on wireless Internet service options to help you pick the right Wi-Fi connection for all of your home and office needs. Life moves fast, having the right Internet service provider for your home or business can help you meet the demands of work, play and everything in between.

You might be wondering…

Wireless Internet Service Providers

High Speed Wi-Fi

Home wireless Internet providers

In order to keep everyone and their devices connected, you need wireless high speed Internet at home. There are plenty of wireless Internet service providers that have plans to fit your needs and budget. Reliable high speed Internet means multiple devices can be engaged on one network and not get slowed down.

Portable Wi-Fi Devices

What do you do if you don’t live in a place that has solid connection to the Internet, or you travel a lot?

Mobile hotspots can help save the day. These portable Wi-Fi devices are basically an internet connection in your pocket and you can set it up when there’s no reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Wireless Hotspot Devices

There are two ways to connect to the Internet: through wireless technology via a router or a 4G wireless network, which is how our smartphones work.

Wireless Internet hotspot devices use both types of technologies by acting as a router that connects to the nearest cell phone tower, so you can have a reliable Internet connection no matter where you are.

Most smartphones now have the option of turning on a hotspot as well. This is known as tethering and it lets your phone become a mobile hotspot to provide Web access to nearby devices.

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