Streaming TV Online

How to Watch TV Online

Explore your options for On Demand and live TV streaming.

Streaming Sites

Visit a streaming Web site to browse its catalogue and watch TV online. Selection will vary by site, and there may be a fee for the purchase or rent of the title you’re interested in. When you stream TV online this way, you’ll view your show in the browser, so performance can be affected by your computer’s processing power and your Internet speed – also true of IPTV.

Subscription Services

Subscription services are popular among “cord cutters,” those who stream TV exclusively and don’t have a cable, satellite, or IPTV subscription for TV. Through Internet streaming services, you can likely get access to many On Demand titles – but not necessarily access to live TV streaming. Internet TV services may not carry the most current shows, or may carry partial seasons.

Streaming Apps

Streaming apps encompass free streaming by TV networks; paid monthly subscription services; and services through which cable customers watch live TV after signing in with a provider. The major advantage of a streaming app is that you can stream TV shows using a mobile device. Whether or not you can watch live TV depends on the service powering the app.

Access via Provider

Streaming live TV on mobile devices is possible. You may have access through your cable or IPTV provider. If a streaming app prompts you, log in with your account information to stream TV on a computer or mobile device. In most cases, access through a provider will offer the largest selection of On Demand and streaming live TV titles.

Pros and Cons of Streaming TV Shows

The Case for Traditional TV Plans

TV through Internet isn’t for everyone. Call today to learn about providers in your area.