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Some of the most cost-saving Internet specials become available when you subscribe to multiple services from the same provider – when you bundle Internet and TV service, for example. Bundle pricing is often lower per service than individual services would be. Plus, some providers offer promotions for free upgrades or gift cards when you choose certain bundles.

Included Modem

A modem is an essential part of all service types except for wireless Internet (which only supports compatible devices.) Without a modem, your Wi-Fi router won’t have a signal to transmit. Providers often run specials that include equipment or reduce its price. You may be able to get a free or reduced-cost modem if you order online or choose a certain plan.

No Contract

Wary of being locked into a long-term service agreement? To address this concern, some Internet providers offer their services without requiring commitment to a contract. Choosing a plan without a contract means you can cancel at any time if your needs or budget change. (You can cancel traditional contracted plans, too, but there may be a penalty – usually a cancelation fee.)

Price Lock

Many providers offer a lower price to new customers. If you sign up for services with a price lock or price guarantee, you can continue to pay that lower price for the length of the price lock, saving money in the long run as well as the short term. Call us to compare Internet specials from top providers in your area.