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10 Romantic Gifts (Technically Speaking) for Valentine’s Day

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Planning on that classic box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day? A bouquet of roses?

Good luck. What’s classic can feel a bit … trite. There’s gobs of competition, too. Why fuss around with something predictable? It’s 2017, people. We’ve come too far to lean on the trusted standards – at least completely – to move the hearts of our valentine.

It’s gotten techy, Valentine’s Day. Get with it, with these winners we’ve found. Hurry, though, and don’t wait for the last minute. You’ll find yourself in line for an overpriced and picked-at selection of flowers if you drag your feet.

For those who can pull off the classics

Bloomsy | $39.99-$48.99 per month

To whip out a bouquet on Feb. 14 is expected. Having a bouquet of seasonal blooms hand-picked and delivered to your amor’s door? A higher level altogether. Pick (see what we did there?) from three-, six- and 12-month options. They’re delivered with love – and info cards about the blooms, too.

Honorable mention

From Your Flowers | Besides flowers, nothing shows affection quite like confections.

Vermont Teddy Bear | Log in and pick out the perfect teddy for your squeeze.

For the succinct wordsmith

Telegram Stop | $7.45

I<stop>LOVE<stop>You. Okay, you’ll want to be more elaborate and creative than that, obviously. Type a love message into the site, something profound and wonderful. Preview what your telegram will look like (not even Thomas Edison could do that!) and TelegramStop will lick the stamp.

Honorable mention

The Holiday Spot | Readymade love letters, for free. For the thrifty and energy-efficient.

Love Poetry Generator | An ad-lib approach. Enter factors such as feelings, colors, and verbs, and voila.

For the long-form wordsmith

Kind Notes | $34.95 and up

When you can’t say it in one, send 31. Pick a jar, a stationary, envelope style, and ribbon. Pick from ready-made messages of love, or craft your own. The Kind Notes staff with hand-write them on each card. Your darling can read one a day, or one an hour, or whenever they could use a little love.

Honorable mention

Invisible Boyfriend | Or girlfriend. Build a beloved to send you sweet nothings. Baggage not included.

Timeless Message | Send a message in a bottle – not an S-O-S – to your L-O-V-E.

For the ‘appy lovers

Avocado | free

The Aztecs considered avocados as symbols of love and fertility. This avocado is also an app, for two and two alone. No virtual PDA. Share chats, photos, lists, and more. Speak your own love language to each other, with taps and swipes. Sync it with Google calendar and it’s your own one-on-one dating app, too.

Honorable mention

Valentine’s Day Special |  You can’t buy love – but you can add it up on this app’s love calculator.

Red Stamp | Free iOS app lets you stamp photos with text and send by mail or social media.

For device-driven love

Kissenger | $74.99

Send a replica of your kiss to a far-off love through a high-tech transferal device.  The unit looks like a mini water tower with lips.  Lay one on the device with your heart in it, and your connected connection will feel it. When the miles stretch out between you, though, let tech bridge the divide with love.

Honorable mention

SleepPhones | These wireless headphones for bed could save your love life (if you’re a snorer).

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera | Court old-school with your honey with instant photos.

For practical partners

The Trackr | $29.99

Give the gift of not having to rummage for your phone or keys every time it’s time to go. Imagine the quality time you could recoup. TrackR attaches to your love’s oft-lost item. Locate it through the TrackR app. Works with – but isn’t recommended for – use on your actual partner.

Honorable mention

Rainbow8 multi-color LED smart bulb | Set the mood with this Wi-Fi enabled light bulb.

Chocolate Smartphone | The only swiping you’ll do on this phone is stealing a bite after you give it.

For those with a song in their hearts

Milktape | $14.99

Handpick 15-20 songs, straight from your heart. Drag and drop them on your iTunes account. Plug in the USB hidden in the case casing, and let Bon Jovi and Celine Dion belt out all the love you feel inside. You can even scribble love notes on the tape cover like your parents used to do.

Honorable mention

Revolution Turntable | Spin the vinyl on your romantic night – and rip your tunes to an MP3.

Mars Levitating Speaker | Dazzle her with space-age, gravity defying musical magic.

For those who could write the book of love

LoveBook | $44.95

Tell your love story in a printed book. You create it, from title to cover concept, illustrations, and personalization. LoveBook will print and ship your creation to your dearest, anywhere in the world. Go paperback for the fleeting romance, or hardcover if you’re not even playing.

Honorable mention

Amazon Kindle | Keep your flame kindled with all the love stories she can take in.

Smart Pencil Stylus | Nothing says love like a hand-written note sent to your Apple device.

For those who stick together

Tine | $9.99-$14.99

Don’t settle for a note to your long-distance love. Send a voice or video message on a tag sticker. Each tag contains a code that holds your message. When your honey scans the code, they receive your message, in living color (or sound). (The app will let you know he’s scanned the message, too.)

Honorable mention

Aera Smart Fragrance | Forget candles. Share scents in your room and his for long-distance ambiance.

Medis 24/7 Xtreme charger | Ensure his device is ALWAYS powered to get your calls and texts. Every single one of them.