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How to Safely Pack Your Technology for a Move

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When it comes to packing, you might be doing it wrong. Especially when it comes to your electronics.

Packing technology is one of the hardest parts of moving because with just a few rookie mistakes, you could be in the market for a new flat screen, or lamenting the broken pieces of your laptop (and dignity) scattered around you.

When moving, you need to pack up TV screens, computer monitors, computer and gaming equipment, modems and routers.

We can advise you on how to move your tech as safely and hassle-free as possible. Gather your equipment, boxes and packing materials and let’s get started. (Just don’t ask us to do any of the heavy lifting.)

First, Flat screens.

This could range from your actual flat screen TV to a large computer monitor screen. If you have the original boxes they came in, that is awesome, but if you don’t, then find a box big enough to fit the screen in.

Remove detachable cables and cords and wrap them up together to be placed in the box with the monitor.

Then, gather your supplies: towels and sheets, a sturdy box, bubble wrap, moving pads, tape and scissors.

The screen is undoubtedly one of the most fragile parts of the TV, so protect it with your life. Cover it with a towel or a moving blanket from Once you have the screen covered, it’s time to wrap the entire electronic with a layer of bubble wrap. Cover that with some heavy-duty moving pads or thick blankets that you might have on hand. Make sure it all stays together with packing tape and then slide it into a box, which you should carefully label “FRAGILE.”

Pro Tip: You can ask your moving company for a custom-fitted box for your TV screen, to make sure it is even more tightly wrapped.

Computers and Printers

Before you even start putting your computer, printer or other related items in a box, BACK UP YOUR FILES. Either back them up on your hard drive or in the elusive Cloud. Once that is out of the way, you can wrap the same way you did the flat screen. Keep cords with the appropriate boxes. If you have the original box the computer or printer came in, great! If not, ask your moving company for a custom fit box or look for one at your local UPS or FedEx stores. Be sure to make sure there’s no wiggle room once it’s wrapped up and placed in the box.

Label the box “FRAGILE” in multiple locations, and if you have movers, speak to them about where the electronic devices will be placed on the truck.

Pro Tip: Take the ink cartridges out of your printer when you move it.

Other thoughts, considerations and honorable mentions:

Label all the boxes!

Take a picture of the cords and how they are all plugged in on the back of your TV or computer monitor so that you can remember how they all go together when you start unpacking.

Use unconventional soft items as packing materials, such as towels, sheets, blankets and placemats.

Factor in climate control. If your moving van is going to be going through extreme climates it might be better to haul your electronics yourself. Rather than putting your electronics on the big moving van, keep them off to the side to be transported in your personal vehicle. That way they run less risk of being exposed to extreme temperatures that could damage them while they’re en route to your new place. Another option is storing them in a climate-controlled unit that’s kept between 50-80 degrees.

Insure your devices.

Good luck! At least you don’t have to ford any rivers or carry your own corn meal for this journey across America.