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Naked DSL Internet Service

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Naked DSL (digital subscriber line) is high-speed internet service that provides an excellent balance between price and performance. Naked DSL uses a standard copper telephone line to provide internet service, which means there is no expensive cable or satellite bill required for you to have fast internet service. Naked DSL is also available for those who want to get high-speed internet without having an additional landline.

Equipment for Naked DSL

The only equipment required for naked DSL is a modem, router and network provider. You can either purchase the equipment needed or you can have the supplier provide the equipment for you. In some situations, the internet service provider may provide the equipment free of charge. This is typically a self-installation process, but it is quick and easy to install on your own and if you need assistance, a technician will walk you through the process.

How Does Naked DSL Work?

To take advantage of naked DSL, you simply connect a modem to the telephone wall jack and your computer. The modem then acts as modulator to translate the digital signals from your computer to the voltage from the telephone line. The DSL and voice calls each use its own frequency band, which prevents the bleeding of signal noise, so service is clearer and faster.

How Fast is DSL?

DSL is much faster than the standard dial-up service you may be used to and when using DSL, it does not tie up the phone line, so you can talk on the telephone and surf the web at the same time. Although it is often less expensive to bundle DSL internet and phone, you are not required to have a fixed phone line. Naked DSL provides fast broadband internet service and the phone service is delivered through voice over internet protocol (VOIP), so the broadband modem and router is the only equipment needed to make phone calls and have fast internet.

DSL Service Options

There are several advantages with DSL, such as you do not have to limit your options to only the plan offered by the cable or satellite company. With naked DSL you have the option to choose between several plans, including a more economic option for those who want faster internet, but do not need the fastest speed available.

You do have the option of bundling a DSL plan with telephone, which is less expensive than installing only the DSL service. However, this type of bundling plan is still significantly less expensive than a bundling plan through a cable company, which typically requires cable TV, phone line and internet service in order to get the best price.