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Is DSL Fast Enough to Stream Video?

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Most people know that DSL uses the same wires as your home phone. Because of this, some people are concerned that DSL service will not be fast enough to for them to stream videos. However, recent advancements in speed and availability have proven DSL a viable options when it comes to people streaming their favorite shows over the internet.

Because DSL uses the same lines that telephones use, the speed of the available DSL service depends on the type of phone lines being used. As more and more people and businesses demand faster and faster Internet service, providers are laying more lines and building more DSLAMS, making everyones DSL Internet faster.

DSL Internet is high-speed Internet

Unlike the original dial-up modem service that most people remember, DSL service uses high speed technology that makes it very fast. Many people confuse DSL service with traditional modems because of the way both services are delivered. However, DSL uses much more of the phone line’s capacity for data transmissions and can be several times faster than dial up.

In some select areas DSL speeds can reach 40Mbps, although typical speeds are closer to 15Mbps. By calling the number on your screen, you can talk to one of our Internet experts who can find you the fastest speeds at the lowest prices for your area.

DSL users who frequent YouTube are generally satisfied with the speed of their service. They know that they can watch streaming videos without worrying about long load times, and don’t have to pause videos to wait for buffering. DSL providers typically allow for faster download speeds in order to ensure that customers who are watching streaming videos on services such as Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube can watch without delay.

DSL in your area

Depending on where you live, and what services you have in your area, DSL may even be less expensive that cable Internet. This is a great advantage for people who may be considering whether or not they should choose DSL or are just searching for and comparing types of internet service because they have moved to a new area or are simply looking for a change.

If you need more help deciding how to connect to the Internet, give us a call. The Internet expert who answers will be able to show you all of the best Internet deals for your area and can get you set up with Internet, all without getting off the phone.