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Is DSL Fast Enough for Chromecast?

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If you’re looking for a short answer: Yes, most DSL connections are fast enough for Chromecast. Or rather, let us put it this way: if your DSL connection is good enough to allow you to stream video and music in your web browser, then it should work just fine for Chromecast.

If you’re thinking of buying a Chromecast device, however, then there’s a little more that you may want to know before putting the money down.

First of all, Chromecast is still kind-of, sort-of in beta mode. This means that while more often than not, you’re going to find that your desired streaming media is compatible with the device, there are a few instances where you may find your media player incompatible with it. For instance, you cannot play movies, TV and music files from your computer onto the Chromecast if you’re using iOS. You can play Netflix and Youtube streaming videos on the Chromecast regardless of whether or not you’re using a Mac, however.

Other operating systems and media platforms are still in development. Google have yet to release a full software development kit as of the time of this writing, so some of these may be slow going. Vimeo, Hulu Plus and Pandora Radio are all still in the works.

What else do I need for my Chromecast?

Right now, if you want to get your money’s worth out of the Chromecast, then you’re going to need access to high speed internet for streaming media online, and you may want to stock up on stored, downloadable media, because Netflix and Youtube won’t have everything that you want to watch and listen to.

All of this aside, the Chromecast is a lot of fun. The wireless streaming means that you can watch media from your computer on your television without draping heavy cables across the living room, and if you give it a little time, chances are that all of your favorite streaming media will be available on the device before long.

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