Satellite Internet Speeds

Technological breakthroughs put satellite internet on par with other platforms.

Common satellite Internet speeds

Below are some common speeds and what that means for your favorite activities.

5 Mbps 8 Mbps 10 Mbps 15 Mbps
How long will it take to open up Facebook? 1 sec < 1 sec < 1 sec < 1 sec
How fast can I upload a photo to Instagram? 12 sec 7.2 sec 6 sec 3 sec
Can I stream music on Spotify without skipping? yes yes yes yes
Can I stream a Netflix movie without buffering? HD quality HD quality HD quality HD quality

How does satellite internet work?

Should I get satellite internet?

Satellite internet can be a nice fit for some customers.

Everyday surfer

Do you send email, check headlines, and read blogs? Satellite internet provides the broadband connection you need for simple browsing. You can check weather, catch up on sports scores and update social media, too. With a basic speed plan, you should be able to stream music while you surf.

Light downloader

Some speed plans have enough heft to download documents and movies from the web. Download overnight, when providers often allow downloads at no cost to your data allowance. Certain providers allow customers to buy data coins for more download capacity during the day.

One-device households

If your family accesses the web from one central device, satellite internet could be a good fit for your needs. With a router, satellite internet customers can also create a home wireless network. Surfing during off-peak hours can give you an even more reliable internet experience.

Rural customers

When you live far from metro areas, cable, DSL and fiber may not be an option. Satellite internet represents an upgrade from dial-up speed and reliability. There’s also the potential for growth as technology improves. Relative to dial-up, the fastest satellite internet speed remains a significant enhancement .