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Cable vs. Satellite

Why choose satellite TV?

Satellite TV gives you more control over the channels you want to watch. You can craft your TV packages around what you love to watch on a regular basis. Although the initial investment to install a satellite dish can be costly, for those in a rural area it is a great way to have access to the top entertainment around.


Cable programming is available in urban areas where providers can run a cable to subscriber’s homes. But not all cable companies provide access to rural homes or businesses. Those who have a clear view of the sky and a place to install a satellite dish can get started with satellite services today.

TV Options

Satellite TV options are more customizable than cable and often have more channels. Satellite TV is also a better option for sports fans because you can pick and choose what teams you want to watch. Plus, satellite TV has parental controls.


While satellite TV requires more equipment and a more involved installation process, it offers reliable and consistent services. Unlike cable, where you have to share bandwidth with your neighbor, satellite dishes receive signals sent directly to your home.