Satellite Internet: Service to rural America

Some parts of the U.S. are too remote for DSL and cable

Satellite Internet providers: Much faster than dial-up ISPs

Why choose satellite Internet?

How does satellite Internet work?

Internet via satellite comes with three main parts:

Internet by Satellite: Where can I get it?

Reaching where cable and DSL can’t

Bridging the distance

In rural locations, a satellite connection reaches places cable and DSL can’t, because of its infrastructure. Cable and DSL signals depend on phone and copper wiring. Distances covered with those two methods results in a weaker signal when data arrives.

Satellite Internet providers can deliver service to just about any location in the U.S. All that is required is a clear view of the southern sky to position a satellite receiver.

Enhancing the experience

Consumers who choose Internet via satellite can also purchase tokens to redeem for more bandwidth during a month they might exceed limits. Also, some satellite Internet providers allow customers to browse the web and send and receive email, even if they’re surpassed their broadband limit.

Increasing the options

Data isn’t unlimited on most satellite Internet plans, but a means to track usage is. Plus, satellite ISPs offer tech to shrink web data and streamline page recall to put less strain on data allowance. Often, late-night browsing isn’t metered, giving users more options.

Improving the speed

As satellite technology improves, the product Internet providers can offer advances, too. The most marked improvement in technology has led to faster Internet speeds.



Satellite technology has improved, which allows satellite Internet providers to compete with other delivery services. Still, one challenge for Internet via satellite is latency. Latency refers to the time it takes data to travel from the at-home request, to the satellite, to the Network Operations Center, back to the consumer. Ping time, as it’s also called in reference to Internet by satellite, can be as little as half a second.

What can it affect?

Gaming and VPN applications online are the most likely to notice a difference. Depending on speed, streaming movies and music could also suffer. Satellite providers offer tips to get the most out of options such as off-hour downloads and coin redemption to keep detractions to a minimum.