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Internet provider reviews

If you’re looking to get the scoop on local Internet service providers, reading Internet reviews is a great place to start. There’s no better way to find out how good a provider really is than from someone who has experienced it first-hand. From feedback on speeds and signal reliability to customer service, Internet reviews can help you find the service you need.

In order to read and understand Internet provider reviews, you need to understand the differences between the types of Internet services available to you. DSL is one of the most widely available Internet services. With the exception of very rural areas, DSL Internet is usually a service option. Reading DSL reviews of your local provider can help you determine if DSL is a good fit for your family.

Check Internet reviews for each type of service.

Determine which one is right for you.

Internet reviews can tell you what Internet types are fast enough for gaming.

The speed requirements for gaming can be separated into these categories:

Download speed

The speed at which you can download information from the Web. Higher download speeds are better for gaming. Many ISP reviews of broadband providers indicate that download speeds are acceptable for gaming. It’s the other areas of speed that can pose a problem.

Upload speed

This is the speed at which your Internet connection can upload information to the Web. Internet service providers often pair download speeds with slower upload speeds, but when you’re gaming online, you upload as much information as you download. Equal upload and download speeds are most ideal for the world of online gaming, but only certain fiber-optic Internet providers can offer this. If fiber Internet isn’t available in your area yet, but you’re an avid gamer, be sure to check high-speed internet reviews of your potential provider to make sure your upload speed is adequate.


This is the delay in how a packet of data travels from your network to the Internet and back. Low latency is better for gaming and sometimes even the providers with the fastest upload and download speeds can experience higher latency.


A measurement of how responsive your Internet connection is. Lower ping means less lag while gaming. It’s best to check Internet provider reviews written by gamers to determine which provider boasts the lowest latency and ping.