Fiber Optic Internet Equipment

A guide to cables, installation and more.

Benefits of a fiber-optic network

Fast speeds

More and more people are interested in getting fiber-optic Internet because of the fast speed it delivers. Some fiber-optic providers boast speeds up to 500 Mbps. That means downloading movies can be done faster and buffering and lag time is virtually non-existent.

Dedicated Line

Fiber-optic Internet means subscribers have a dedicated line that delivers Internet straight to their home instead of than having to share a line, as you would with a cable provider. Fiber-optic providers ensure that Internet is delivered quickly and with little to no lag time, making fiber-optic an ideal choice, especially for multi-device households and gamers.


The way fiber-optic cables are set up, with the three layers, means they won’t absorb the light signals they are transmitting. That means the information they transmit can travel farther with intact signals and don’t need to be refreshed. While not all areas of the United States have access to fiber yet, more and more providers are building fiber-optic lines.

Fiber TV and Phone

Another great benefit to fiber-optic cable is that it can also deliver TV and phone services. That’s why bundle options are available from fiber optic providers with access to some of the top TV services and movie channels on the market. Bundling on a fiber-optic network also means more services for a lower price.

Types of fiber-optic cable