Compare: Fiber vs. Cable

Which holds the advantage for high-speed Internet?

Introducing the players


It’s data sent through pulses of encrypted light. It travels along flexible, hair-thin glass fibers. Fiber optics is the latest telecommunications technology. Users can stream more than one HD movie or video conference without interruption.

Fiber Internet often has equal upload and download speeds.


It’s data sent via electricity. It travels along copper wires. Cable has delivered TV for decades, and it also works for TV and Internet. Cable has the infrastructure to serve hundreds of customers on a single Internet connection.

Cable Internet often has download speeds that are faster than upload speeds.

Fiber vs. Cable: The tale of the tape

Which is best for availability, reliability, infrastructure and future prospects?

What else is possible with fiber Internet?

Bundle TV, home phone or both with fiber Internet


Fiber-optic networks can deliver more TV channels, in HD quality. Sound quality with fiber-optic TV is also exceptional. Fiber optics deliver 10 times the resolution of digital TV. Fiber-optic TV also isn’t subject to power surges and static. No signal compression is necessary.

Home Phone

Fiber-optic phone lines bring 99.9% reliability to your calls, and crystal clarity. A fiber home phone won’t be subject to dead zones and dropped calls. Fiber phone carriers usually offer plans for local calls, nationwide long distance and international calling.

Double Play Bundle

From many fiber-optic Internet carriers, you can select TV or home phone for a Double Play bundle. A Double Play bundle would work well for a family with more than one person who streams movies.

Triple Play Bundle

The most cost-efficient bundle from most carriers includes Internet, TV and home phone. It also carries a convenience of one monthly bill, from one carrier, for all three services. Plus, the three services integrate with each other: You can schedule DVR recordings with your mobile device. Opt for on-screen call waiting, and more, with Triple Play features.