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CenturyLink Internet Service

It’s a brave new Internet world. Everything you ever wanted to watch, stream, listen to or research is online. Information and entertainment is at our fingertips and the possibilities are endless. Unless, of course, you have a slow Internet connection. Luckily, there are options when it comes to high speed Internet, and CenturyLink DSL is one of the leading contenders. With CenturyLink high speed Internet you get fast, reliable service that lets you do what you want at an affordable price.

So how does it work?

First things first. CenturyLink is a DSL provider, which means they add a telephone line to your home if you are a subscriber. Then when your modem connects to the phone line it locates the DSL provider and that provider hands off your username and password to an Internet service provider (ISP) which then connects you to the Internet.

Century Link Internet Plans

What’s so special about CenturyLink High Speed Internet?

Call today to find out which CenturyLink Internet Plans are in your area. CenturyLink Internet Plans set them apart from other providers. They offer great features, including:

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The More you Bundle, The More you Save

Get more for your money with CenturyLink Bundles

Century Link Bundles

Save time and money when you bundle CenturyLink services. Whether you want high speed Internet with a home phone or TV options, bundling them gives you the whole package.

CenturyLink High Speed Internet

CenturyLink Internet speeds are some of the fastest around. Now offering speeds up to 1 Gig, CenturyLink Internet makes it possible to surf faster than ever, and download movies in seconds. Other CenturyLink plans also offer speeds up to 40 Mbps and you can customize them with the services you want most.

CenturyLink Home Phone

CenturyLink Internet prices are some of the best around. And when you add a home phone to your plan you save. A home phone is always be reliable in the event of an emergency, because DSL phone lines don’t rely on phone towers with spotty coverage. CenturyLink even has affordable long distance and international plans available so you can talk to friends and family no matter where they live.

CenturyLink TV

Add TV to complete your bundle and get access to the best home entertainment around. With CenturyLink DSL you get access to DIRECTV On Demand, which means 10,000 + shows and movies. Plus, all the sports you could ever want with NFL Sunday Ticket.