Cable Internet providers: All you need to know

Cable TV customers can easily add Internet to their home services.

Advantages of cable

With cable Internet providers, you get:

Widespread availability | Where you live will determine which cable providers’ are available and how much speed you can get. Most cities and towns in the U.S. have the population base to draw providers of cable Internet service.

Low cost | Cable providers often offer cost-saving introductory offers if you switch providers or upgrade your plan to include Internet.

Speed | Cable speeds far exceed those of dial-up. It competes well against DSL, too. Upper tiers of cable Internet service can reach hundreds of Mbps.

Cable ISPs sometimes offer additional features, such as Wi-Fi capability away from home on hotspots throughout the network. Internet security and identity protection may also be offered as add-on services. To learn more about available plans in your area, speak with one of our experts today.

Common bonus features offered from cable Internet companies include:

Email and storage

Often at no additional charge, cable Internet providers furnish multiple email addresses and cloud storage for your data needs.

News, movies, and more

Access your provider’s news and entertainment sites. Some cable providers integrate their TV service with Internet to allow viewing of On Demand or even live TV titles on mobile devices.

Wi-Fi capabilities

Cable customers can create a home hotspot with a wireless router. Depending on the speed tier you select, you can easily connect more than one enabled device to the network.

Installation service

Potential customers might be able to save money on installation. Some cable providers allow do-it-yourself installation. If you’re interested in installing your own equipment, simply ask when you call.

Consider these factors when you conduct your research:


Urban areas are prime for cable providers. If you live in a city or town, especially close to the company’s office, you can most likely get a cable Internet bundle.


Competition among Internet service providers can work to your advantage – just ask us about cable Internet deals in your area. You’ll also need to weigh cost against the speed and bandwidth you need. Many Internet providers offer different plan tiers, with the higher-priced plans offering the most speed.


A dependable network makes a big difference for streaming, browsing the Web, and everything in between. You’ll want to make sure your provider has a connection you can trust.

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