What's Your Broadband Speed?

Discover ways to test your network – and how broadband speeds affect your connection

How can I test for broadband speed?

Find out if you’re getting the speed your carrier promised.

What happens in a speed test?

This online diagnostic can measure the time a server takes to reply to a request from your browser. When you check broadband speed, it’s for a roundtrip of data, measured in milliseconds. One second contains a thousand milliseconds.

How accurate can a speed test be?

Technology improves, including that used for broadband speed comparisons. Higher-tier tests include more than one test server location and comprehensive connection details. Test your speed more than once. Test on more than one site for an accurate reading.

Will my Internet speed always stay the same?

No. Internet providers advertise speed as up to Xmbps. Network technology and traffic, hardware quality and what type of activity you partake in online are all factors.

Why should I test my broadband speed?

No one wants to pay 50mbps prices for 5mbps Internet. Slower-than-promised speeds can signal a hardware or software problem. It may be necessary to check for viruses or faulty connections to your router or modem.

The facts

A broadband speed test can uncover other factors that affect speed. These include latency, packet loss, and physical connection problems.

Take the test

Follow the tips below and test your Internet speed using this tool. Too slow? Call us to upgrade your speed today.

How to conduct a broadband speed test

Noticed recent slowdowns in streaming media on your tablet? Waiting for songs to buffer on your smartphone? Viruses or other issues might contribute to decreased device performance. Problems with your network could also be a culprit.

A broadband speed test can determine whether your network might be at fault. Check in once a month to make sure you’re still getting the speed you pay for. Comparison shoppers in the market for service can search for faster options.

A basic test will reveal the following about your Internet connection:

DOWNLOAD SPEED | It’s how fast your connection can obtain items from the Internet.

Examples: Movies, music, and documents

UPLOAD SPEED | It’s how fast your connection can post items to the Internet.

Examples: Photos, graphics, and video clips.

Close all other browsers and stop all streaming services before you check your speed.

Results when you check broadband speed

It’s fast

Congratulations! Fast results in a broadband speed test indicate a strong Internet connection. It’s also an ideal time to consider whether changes in the way you connect could warrant a speed upgrade, too.

It’s slow

If you’re not satisfied with the result you received, it might be time to shop. Certain obstacles with your service provider’s network could limit your ability to get the speed you pay for. Consider a broadband speed comparison with another carrier. Also, delivery methods differ when it comes to consistent speed.

What’s possible with a fast connection?

Speed won’t just get you through your email inbox quicker. Here’s what else: