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Internet service providers by address

There are several types of Internet likely to be available near you.


DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. Its network brings data to your home through existing telephone lines, so it has a large availability area. Typically, if you can get a home phone, you can get DSL Internet. DSL usually offers speeds fast enough for streaming. Because a DSL connection isn’t shared with others, its speed isn’t affected by your neighbors’ Internet usage.


Cable Internet is transmitted by – you guessed it – the same lines that bring you cable television. If you have a cable provider in your area, cable Internet availability is likely. Cable offers decent speeds, sometimes faster than DSL. The tradeoff is you’ll share a connection with your neighbors, so speeds are less reliable and can slow down when more users are online.


Satellite Internet is just what it sounds like – Internet beamed down to your home via satellite. It requires you to have a dish, and is available virtually everywhere. It’s a perfect option for rural and remote areas that don’t have an existing communication infrastructure.


Fiber-optic Internet transmits data through pulses of light beamed through a network of glass fibers. This network technology is more reliable than copper wiring like cable and DSL because it’s not subject to corrosion and weather interference. Speeds are also faster because light travels fast and covers greater distances. The only downside of fiber is its limited availability.

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