Write a Blog Post by August 15 and Enter to Win $2000!

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a $2000 College Scholarship

Sometimes we forget that above all, the Internet is a tool. And no one can benefit from it more than students – and we want you to prove it.

We’re offering a scholarship to help further your education if you can submit a blog post that is interesting, well thought out, and above all, proves to us that you’re using the Internet to help shape your future.

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This scholarship is only open to currently enrolled students
(you will need your student ID number and valid student email address to submit your blog post).

The questions to answer:
How has the Internet shaped your educational career thus far? Provide specific examples.
Explain drawbacks, if any, to the Internet and its role in your education.

The writer of the winning submission will win $2000 toward their education. The deadline is August 15.

*If you do not currently have a personal online blog, you will have to create one for the purpose of this scholarship.

The keys to writing a winning blog post

We’re looking for someone that sets themselves apart from the crowd. Provide examples that are specific to your needs, your classes, your major – and show that you’re using the Internet in ways that expand further than typical educational avenues (like online study guides or looking up internships).

So in short,

  • Provide meaningful/detailed examples.
  • Use correct grammar and spelling.
  • Show us how you’re passionate about the Internet and your career.

How to submit your blog post

All you have to do to submit your blog post is fill out the form that’s provided for you here. You’ll need to fill in your full name, your student ID number and your current student email address. The last piece of the puzzle is your actual blog post – in the form please copy and paste the link to your post on your personal blog.

Good luck! We can’t wait to see how the Internet is helping you improve – and enjoy – your education.

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Entry Guidelines

How to enter the InternetProviders.com Scholarship

Tell your story.

Write an essay describing the topic above. Don’t forget to be creative.

Send us your best.

Fill out the form below, no later than August 15, 2014.

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